Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC, relaunches Prenate<sup>®</sup> website featuring  interactive tool to assist women in making healthful pregnancy choices

In its continuing effort to illustrate the enhanced benefits of Avion’s Prenate® line of prenatal dietary supplements, Avion pharmaceuticals, LLC, recently relaunched its product-based website, www.prenate.com. The relaunch was designed to help women gain even more awareness about the entire Prenate® line of products, as well as to help them determine which Prenate® product is uniquely suited for them, in terms of providing the optimal pregnancy nutritional support to benefit mom and baby throughout pregnancy.

A key new feature of the relaunched site is an interactive quiz designed to help women choose the perfect Prenate® option for them.  The quiz offers a series of questions related to personal preferences, lifestyle, nutritional choices and health concerns. Once the questions are completed, the new feature automatically collates responses and recommends a corresponding Prenate® prenatal product, along with an explanation of that product’s features and benefits ideally suited to the patient’s needs. The quiz is quick and user-friendly, and the results are immediate.

The refreshed Prenate® website also offers a complete overview of the Prenate® portfolio and presents the unique benefits of each Prenate® product, from preconception through to breastfeeding (including the needs surrounding common morning sickness, specialized dietary requirements, and more). The website also includes important information on nutrients vital for prenatal health, including folate, iron, DHA, and vitamin D.

Prenate.com allows easy access through menu options that link to Prenate® Buzz, a blog that provides comprehensive tips on topics that include pregnancy fitness, baby’s growth and development, safe and healthy eating during pregnancy, and many other related content.

“Avion’s is pleased to provide this important educational resource for women who need reliable and accurate prenatal to postnatal information,” said Avion President Mike Sullivan.  “Because every pregnancy has different needs, we work diligently to hold true to our mission of offering a Prenate® for every start and every step of pregnancy. Our new website will help provide the guiding tools necessary to assist women in making healthful choices that will benefit them during their pregnancy journey.”

About Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company formed to develop and market a portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products in the Women’s Heath and Dermatology therapeutic areas. Avion Pharmaceuticals focuses on identifying opportunities to acquire and enhance the market potential of innovative, commercially available therapeutics and late-stage development drugs to fulfill unmet medical needs. For additional information about Avion Pharmaceuticals please contact the company at 678-325-5188 or contact via email by clicking here. For more information, visit www.prenate.com.