Prenate<sup>®</sup> Vitamin Family Boosts Tolerance and Compliance with Prenatal Vitamin Formulas, Uniquely Designed to Address Specific Needs and Stages of Pregnancy, from Preconception through Postpartum

Avion Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company providing innovative pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products, focused on women’s health and dermatology, recognizes the important role prenatal vitamins play in a healthy pregnancy. The ten products within the Prenate® Vitamin Family are uniquely designed to address specific needs and stages of a woman’s pregnancy.

The National Institutes of Health says taking a supplement containing at least 400 micrograms of folic acid before getting pregnancy can reduce the risk of complications, such as neural tube defects — abnormalities that can occur in the brain, spine or spinal column of a developing fetus and are present at birth. Studies show that taking folic acid for three months before getting pregnant and three months after conceiving can reduce the risk of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, by up to 70 percent.1

Women are encouraged to talk to their doctor when they are thinking about conceiving, or as soon as they suspect they are pregnant, to discuss which vitamin is right for them. An interactive, online quiz on the Prenate® website can help women and their doctors identify the right vitamin. You can find the quiz here:

“Too often women wait to start prenatal vitamins until after they meet with their doctor, 4-8 weeks after conception. All women of child-bearing age, particularly those planning to conceive, should be taking prenatal vitamins well before conception. We know prescription-strength prenatal vitamins help ensure proper development of the fetus, particularly critical neural tube development which occurs during the first 30 days,” says Jonathan Snead, MD, FACOG. “Prenate Mini® and Prenate Pixie® are great for preconception. They are small and, with ingredients to combat nausea, are easy to tolerate. Yet, they still provide a robust dose of nutrients, meaning a woman can stay on it through pregnancy and postpartum,” Dr. Snead adds.

Tolerance is one of the key factors affecting compliance. In addition to containing nutrients proven to aid in the development of the fetus, Prenate Mini® and Prenate Pixie® softgel pills contain vitamins and extracts to provide relief from morning sickness; a stool softener to combat the effects of increased iron; and they are gluten and lactose free.

“Because every pregnancy has different requirements, we work diligently to hold true to our mission of offering a Prenate® for every start and every step of pregnancy,” says Avion president, Mike Sullivan. “We continually research and listen to the feedback of customers and doctors to ensure that our product line is addressing the needs of mothers and mothers-to-be.”


Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company formed to develop and market a portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products in the Women’s Heath and Dermatology therapeutic areas. Avion Pharmaceuticals focuses on identifying opportunities to acquire and enhance the market potential of innovative, commercially available therapeutics and late-stage development drugs to fulfill unmet medical needs. The Prenate® Vitamin Family includes: Prenate Mini®, Prenate Pixie®, Prenate® Enhance, Prenate® Restore, Prenate Chewable®, Prenate® AM, Prenate Elite®, Prenate Essential®, and Prenate DHA®. For more information, visit

REFERENCES: 1. Centers for Disease Control. Recommendations for the use of folic acid to reduce the number of cases of spina bifida and other neural tube defects. MMWR 1992;41(No. RR-14)